3 Interior Remodeling Ideas to Transform a Room in a Weekend

If you are looking for interior remodeling ideas than will allow you to transform a room in a weekend, then this article is for you.

In this article I will share 3 interior remodeling ideas that we recommend to our homeowners. You’ll discover how to change a room with paint, add accessories to your decor or how to create a focal point with an accent color.

  1. Painting is one of the easiest and fastest way to change the appearance and update a room. There a several things to consider when deciding to paint. The common trend now is to paint the ceiling off white, the walls a different color and the baseboards, doors and trim in a high gloss white or cream.
  2. Another option is to add molding like wainscoting or a chair rail, depending on the room to break up the wall and open ideas for more color choices. This is a great way to add more character and a custom feel to any room.
  3. Accessorizing is a quick way to update with interior remodeling because the changes can be a small simple things or totally different and dramatic. Adding area rugs with color can act as a focal point or incorporating decorative pillows with patterns and textures will give a room a new look. Never underestimated the importance of selecting larger ornate pieces on your walls and as picture frames to make a dramatic statement and add a unique feel.
  4. Mirrors make great accent pieces as well as unusual and custom looking picture frames. Also salvage yards are a good place to find one of a kind items that you can update with paint or leave as is for a distressed look.
  5. Accenting is one wall with color is another popular trend with homeowners. This option is allows people that have never used color to explore the possibilities and still play it safe. The best way to find your accent wall is when entering a room, choose the wall that you first see as you focal point. Paint that wall and your all set to go. Other walls to accent are fireplaces, book shelves, computer or art niches, bay windows and wherever you place your head board.