How to Get Remodeling Ideas

Home improvement has definitely proven to be a wise way to spend your hard-earned money that not only brings back a good amount of return on investment and added home value, but also affords the family improved quality of living throughout the months and years. Most of the time, New York homeowners are stuck at the first phase in planning and that is in gathering great remodeling ideas. If you are one sharing this dilemma, here are top resources to get remodeling ideas that you can use whether you are in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, or Long Island.

The Internet

Technology has brought forth amazing advancements that makes just any information be at your fingertips. The Internet is your easiest way to get to remodeling ideas that offers the widest range of choices that you can get. Get a treasure chest of information on budget-saving tips, remodeling ideas, home and room plans and so much more.

Though this resource can be super beneficial, this same advantage can be its disadvantage. Only a couple of searches would end you up with more information than you can handle and this could be overwhelming. Now you thought you have the remodeling idea of your dreams, the next website you visit, you might change your mind.

Interior Design Magazines

These are great sources to get remodeling ideas from. Interior design magazines feature the most current fashionable home settings with all the trendiest pieces. And what’s great about this source is that most featured remodeling photos also offer information on the brands and prices of what has been integrated into the design.

Showcase Homes

Showcase homes can be found in most every housing community. The best thing about actually looking into model homes, showcase homes or just new homes is getting a remodeling idea on not just how things would look but how the design actually works. Getting a good feel on the design is one great advantage over just looking at photos. With showcase homes, you can feel the fabrics, actually see the result of certain lighting moods to specific settings, and see how comfortable the remodeling result is.

Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores also showcase products. By actually seeing the wide array of variety that a specific feature, material or product comes in; you can make better comparisons. In a home improvement store, getting ideas can not only be done through window shopping alone as getting knowledgeable answers is also possible. Stores of such kind often have room plans available. This could help you get a viable remodeling idea and save you from trouble, costing you less time and effort.


If you trust that your creativity could get you further when it comes to remodeling ideas, then the imagination could be your bets bet. To be able to come up with a feasible home improvement idea that could bring in much comfort, functionality and style; find inspiration in things around you. From these inspirations, make your creativity go to work and from there, realize remodeling ideas.

Cheap Home Improvement Projects – 3 Reasons to Dress Up Your Windows

What is your window style? Your windows are tied to your rooms visually and architecturally. When you decide to add new curtains to any room in your house you should ask yourself how the windows will relate to the space around them. You may want to check out the size of your crown molding and add new molding around your windows if the size is not right to the size of the room.

If your have beautiful crown molding and window trim you may not want to cover the molding up therefore this could determine how heavy of drapes you want to add. If you do not have proper crown molding you may want to learn to install crown molding yourself to keep the cost down. Is your window a fixed window,which cannot be opened. Is it a double hung window which is the most common style of window which just operates up and down. The windows that swing in or out are called casement windows.

You will have to be a little more careful if you have casement windows because the way they swing could influence the kind of window treatments you will want to add. Their are three basic things to take into consideration when choosing your window treatments and we will talk about them below.

1. Insulation Factor Are your windows new or old. If your windows are old then you may be losing a lot of your homes cooling and heating energy. If this is the case you may want to consider adding a heavies fabric to help insulate your home from the elements that may be seeping in around those old windows.If your room faces the east it is going to be exposed to the early morning light. you may want to take this into consideration when choosing your curtain fabric. Wool is durable and hangs in loose folds. it is a good choice for blocking heat,cold and light. the biggest drawback to wool is the fact that it will have to be dry-cleaned. It will likely cost more than most materials but well worth the added cost.

2.Privacy Do you want your window dressing to help your control your privacy or is the room you are using them in used mostly in the daytime. you may want to take this into consideration because at night you can see inside much better when the light are on. You may want to consider walking around on the outside after dark and she how visible the inside of your room is and this may determine the style of curtains you choose. If you want the daytime light in and want to enjoy the view you may want to consider adding lighter curtains and shades, blinds or shutters.

3.Change The Style Of Your Room Are you wanting to change the style of your room or just add more color to an otherwise drab space. Is your room contemporary, country, eclectic or modern. Changing the style of your room can be done with changing the color, patterns or texture of the window treatments.

Cheap home improvement projects can be done that will drastically change the whole look of your room and learning how to install crown molding yourself can save you enough money to start your next project.

3 Interior Remodeling Ideas to Transform a Room in a Weekend

If you are looking for interior remodeling ideas than will allow you to transform a room in a weekend, then this article is for you.

In this article I will share 3 interior remodeling ideas that we recommend to our homeowners. You’ll discover how to change a room with paint, add accessories to your decor or how to create a focal point with an accent color.

  1. Painting is one of the easiest and fastest way to change the appearance and update a room. There a several things to consider when deciding to paint. The common trend now is to paint the ceiling off white, the walls a different color and the baseboards, doors and trim in a high gloss white or cream.
  2. Another option is to add molding like wainscoting or a chair rail, depending on the room to break up the wall and open ideas for more color choices. This is a great way to add more character and a custom feel to any room.
  3. Accessorizing is a quick way to update with interior remodeling because the changes can be a small simple things or totally different and dramatic. Adding area rugs with color can act as a focal point or incorporating decorative pillows with patterns and textures will give a room a new look. Never underestimated the importance of selecting larger ornate pieces on your walls and as picture frames to make a dramatic statement and add a unique feel.
  4. Mirrors make great accent pieces as well as unusual and custom looking picture frames. Also salvage yards are a good place to find one of a kind items that you can update with paint or leave as is for a distressed look.
  5. Accenting is one wall with color is another popular trend with homeowners. This option is allows people that have never used color to explore the possibilities and still play it safe. The best way to find your accent wall is when entering a room, choose the wall that you first see as you focal point. Paint that wall and your all set to go. Other walls to accent are fireplaces, book shelves, computer or art niches, bay windows and wherever you place your head board.